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Practical Ayurveda – 
A day in the kitchen with Elizabeth
Sunday, April 16th

Have you ever tried to “go healthy” but not had the repertoire to cook easy, delicious recipes or even really been able to figure out exactly what’s healthy for your body type?

For the cost of a 2hr consultation, you can spend a fun day with 7 like-minded people in the kitchen learning the ancient secrets of Ayurveda and how to apply this wisdom effortlessly to your daily routine, leaving you looking and feeling younger and more revitalised than you’ve felt in years.  I have had so many requests for practical guidance that I started running these workshops during “detox season” or what Ayurveda refers to as the junction of the seasons because this is the optimal time to do a cleanse. 

During the day you will: —

  • determine your body type (dosha). A comprehensive questionnaire will be sent to you ahead of time. On the day I will do a tongue and pulse analysis to confirm your dosha, and armed with this knowledge you will learn about foods that agree with your body type and will be making dosha-appropriate snacks, meals and teas;
  • learn how to balance your doshas using the principle of “like attracts like, opposites balance”
  • receive your personalised 14 day Revitalising Cleanse with recipes and daily routine;
  • receive a £20% off discount voucher for the Revitalising Cleanse massage;
  • get your hands dirty making healing Ayurvedic meals including soups, snacks and teas – all customised to suit your dosha. And just to show you how effortless meal prep can be, we will mainly be using slow cookers and soup makers; 
  • make your own health promoting spice mixes and chutneys to take home with you;
  • learn how to make a simple anti-aging oil decoction and heal-all salve (which you will take home with you).

susie-gongAfter the evening meal, you have the option of staying on for a meditation and healing Sound Infusion from Susie Smith of Aiya Starsounds.  Susie channels sound and healing frequencies and this experience is not to be missed.  We are offering this included in your day’s workshop as the ‘mind-spirit’ is as important as the body.

  • Having learned about how Ayurveda views every cell in the body as having its own intelligence and frequency, after supper Susie will lead a meditation taking us deep into ourselves where we will discover the emotions, beliefs and frequencies we are holding that are not serving our health and wellbeing. Through deep meditation she will guide us to raising our vibrations and transmuting into light the denser frequencies we may be holding in our bodies.
  • Following on from this, she will use her voice, gongs and crystal bowls to penetrate deep into our cells, each participant receiving a personalised activation to clear any blocks whilst using sound frequencies to shift old patterns and bring in a new lightness of being. Sound is a profound healing tool, often penetrating where nothing else can. Participants wishing to work further with Susie, either in person or online, will receive 15% off her usual rate.

There are various booking options for the day.

  • Full day: 10am start to 8.30pm £180 (includes goody bags)
  • Ayurveda only: 9.30am to 5pm £150 (includes goody bags)
  • Evening Meditation and Healing Sound Infusion 6.30pm – 8.30pm £40 (includes 30min online aftercare and support)

Click the button below to be taken to the booking page. Please contact me if you would like to pay in instalments.