Plagues, Past & Present

All this talk about the corona virus pandemic reminds me of a past life regression I did for a client who had been a doctor in Italy during the Black Death (Bubonic Plague). It was fascinating to hear him describe herbs and remedies they used at the time. As a doctor, he was also studying ancient Arabic medicinal texts and because he was so knowledgeable, he was hired by the wealthy Medici family to protect them from the plague. In tears he described his guilt at causing the death of a family of young children after he had to order their house boarded up (with them in it) after their mother contracted the plague. He did, however, go on to save the village by figuring out that the villagers were becoming ill because they were drinking from a contaminated well and he was able to advise them about sanitation.

I was able to help him clear the guilt that had remained in his energy which was affecting him in this life. Regression isn’t only about past lives – it is also a tool for deep healing in this life. It turns out that this client’s past life bore many similarities to his current life, triggering tremendous guilt because he was tapping into that past life experience. That is a very common phenomenon. If you have any strong emotions, thoughts or phobias and can’t pin-point their source, perhaps a past life is being triggered.


Credit: authentic 16thC plague doctor mask on display in the German Museum of Medical History

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