Cost:  £180 

Duration: 2 hours

Firstly, let me say that Ayurveda can be used to complement your existing medical treatment with no clashes or side effects.  All herbs, food and supplements used in your treatment plan are safe for you to use.

You will receive…

  • pulse and tongue analysis to determine your basic constitution (Dosha) and your current imbalances;
  • a personalized cleansing & restorative diet plan;
  • personalized recipes to help you heal and rejuvenate;
  • personalized lifestyle advice to optimise your healing;
  • a 50 minute clearing and rebalancing massage;
  • two of Ayurveda’s secret weapons against disease and ageing:  1 month’s supply of herbal supplements, namely Triphala and the rejuvenative, anti-ageing tonic, Chyawanprash;
  • full email support during your healing journey so that you can have any questions answered as they arise. It’s so confusing and overwhelming trying to decipher what is best for you from the barrage of contradicting information out there. I am always available to help, encourage and listen if you need to talk;
  • 20% discount on all my workshops and training courses.
  • If you would like to combine the above with some therapy or spiritual help, we can discuss adding some therapy sessions onto your package.  These sessions are useful to release unresolved emotion or pain from the body. The cause of these are healed at source and you will leave you feeling lighter and happier.  Please see the Holistic Therapy Bundle for more information.
  • Spirit release where necessary. Sometimes the cause of ailments is neither physical nor past life related. We can absorb negative energy from the environment (think of a place that gives you the creeps or the uncomfortable feeling when walking into a room where there’s been an argument) or we can have an energy attachment (someone who has died but has remained earthbound). They feed off our energy leaving us feeling fatigued and “not quite ourselves”. It is also possible that these entities affect us physically like my client who had unexplainable heart issues.  These were caused by an entity who had died on the operating table when he went in for heart surgery.  His symptoms then manifested in my client when he became attached to her energy.  This is more common than you might imagine and I usually check all my clients’ energy before embarking on any therapy plan just to be sure.

For clients experiencing chronic health issues or symptoms that can’t be explained, a consultation would be very beneficial – these can be in person or online. A consultation can be every bit as effective as an in-person one — all I need is a full medical history and a picture of your tongue.  I also offer a free 20min Zoom chat if you would like to meet me and ask a few questions before committing to a consultation. Just let me know in the enquiry form and I will contact you.

What does a consultation involve?  Over a cup of tea, I will take down your medical history (and sometimes it is necessary to go back years to find out when symptoms first appeared). Some clients are astonished to find that they have been feeling unwell for 20 years or more!

I will then take your pulse to determine your unique constitution (prakriti) and which elements are out of balance (vikriti).**  A tongue analysis will tell me about your current imbalances too.  These can change from day-to-day, so it is a useful tool to catch imbalances before they manifest with physical symptoms.  Armed with all this information, we will draw up a treatment plan together which is tailor-made for you in order to bring your body back into balance. It will be like “wiping the slate clean”.

The treatment plan can be very detailed or simple, depending on what you’d like to get out of it, using Ayurveda’s 5 approaches of:-

  • diet
  • lifestyle
  • herbs
  • massage
  • exercise and yoga
  • and for anyone wanting to explore deeper issues where emotions or trauma may be the cause of symptoms or triggers, I suggest having a look at the Holistic Bundle which combines all of the above with therapy.

Having a typed out plan specifically to suit your situation is very useful.  Self-help books are great, but there is no “one size fits all” way to health. Also, you are not just trying to ‘be healthy‘.  You are changing your life and making yourself well again.

**To explain prakriti and vikriti: – Prakriti is like a beautiful antique table, but over time dust has accumulated on it.  The dust is the vikriti.  The practitioner helps the client to wipe the dust away and reveal the original antique.

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