Past Life Regression vs Regression Therapy



What is the difference between Regression THERAPY and Past Life Regression?

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Past Life Regression is when light hypnosis is used to enter into a past life – sometimes this can be directed to find the source of a phobia or perhaps you simply want to explore a life where you may have been a Roman Soldier because you’ve always had a feeling you may have been one.  (It’s amazing how often we are aware of past lives without even fully realising it).  Regression can also offer you insights which may be useful when you’re working with a therapist on an issue (let’s use agoraphobia as an example).

Regression Therapy is quite different. Staying with the theme of Agoraphobia, there are a number of ways a Regression Therapy session could go. Hypnosis is not always necessary as we may enter the associated past life through “body work” (where your body literally “shows” me the source of the unresolved energy).  A good example would be my client who came down with a Shocked woman with claustrophobia in the moving elevatormigraine every time she was in an enclosed space. I scanned her for unresolved energy being held in the body connected to her migraines.  She very strongly began to experience the feeling of being trapped with a piercing pain in her head and soon she spontaneously entered the past life where she’d been tortured in an Iron Maiden during the Middle Ages.  It was this unresolved trauma that was triggering her migraines. We worked with her body to release the energy of that memory and resolve the issue there and then.

Regression is a very quick and direct way of healing the body when it is holding energy from the past that needs resolving. *

But, depending on what comes up, the session could have been done another way.  I could have used light hypnosis to go to the first time the client remembered feeling the Migraine and panic in an enclosed space – and we might have been led to the aforementioned past life, or we could have ended up in her current life when she was a newborn sleeping in a drawer and the drawer had been shut. Perhaps this was a regular occurrence and seen as a way of settling the crying baby, but in actuality it was traumatising the baby. We would then do some inner child healing to transform this traumatic event and resolve any issues that may have arisen through childhood to the present day. We would also check whether there were any links leading to past lives that need resolving too. Sometimes the “echo” of a past event or even a past life still reverberates in our current life and we need to go to the source to heal it. So, having healed the effects in the current life of being shut in the drawer, we will then follow the “echo” to the source and end up at the Iron Maiden life where we will resolve the issue and any feelings of panic or powerlessness that may have arisen from that situation.

There are usually 3 parts to regression therapy – getting information about the issue (viewing the past life/current life) and transforming the issue and energy healing.  Knowing that there is always a lesson or a reason why something happens to us, we do transformation in the Spirit Realms to gain soul perspective – sometimes looking at soul contracts, or having conversations with people to resolve issues or simply getting in touch with our Higher Self.  Coming back to my client – she found out that her soul wanted to learn about power – in that life she experienced extreme powerlessness but in other lives she’d experienced power and the abuse of power, sometimes being the victim, and other times the perpetrator.  In the Spirit Realms she met with her torturer and discovered he was in her soul group (which surprised her to learn that he was not evil, but had merely been playing the role so that she could learn about powerlessness).  She was even more surprised to discover that he is now her current life husband.  As a result of these insights, she was able to let go of the energy and forgive. As soon as my client let go of that traumatic energy, she no longer experienced the panic and migraines.  In this example it took one session, but for more complex issues there may be layers to resolve.  Each session will be complete in itself and you will feel better after each layer is transformed.

Any Regression Therapy session will always end with the healing and re-balancing of your energy.  I also ensure that your energy is clear and that you’re not carrying any energy that does not belong to you.  Sometimes we can absorb other people’s energy, especially when we care about them, but it’s not very good for our health and I will show you how to keep your energy clear and healthy.  Sometimes spirits can attach themselves to our energy fields and this will have a detrimental effect on our health, so I clear these as well and show you how to prevent this from happening.

Quite alot happens in a session, and this is the reason that we train for 2 years to do Regression Therapy and why a session can last up to 3 hours, hence the cost. It is a very powerful way to shift anything in your life that doesn’t work for you. One session may be enough or you may need more, but overall, it is quicker than counselling which can last for years.

* If you’re wondering how it’s possible for your body to store past life energy, think of the WW1 soldiers who returned from the war with Shell Shock (what we now call PTSD).  Every time they heard a loud noise, or were triggered by a flashback or even a smell, their bodies would involuntarily duck or curl up or they would start shaking.  Unfortunately they had to live with that trauma, but we now have the tools to be able to completely heal the trauma and associated triggers.

3D silhouette of a soldier saluting against a sunset sky

The soul is eternal and can carry energy forward through lifetimes.

I charge £50 for the first hour as some sessions are very short.  After the first hour I charge by the half hour.  Most sessions last between 1.5 to 2 hours and are preceded by a free 20min chat where you can get a feel of whether this is for you.


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