Treatment Bundle discounts

Holistic Abhyanga packages are tailored to the client’s needs at the time, consisting of a unique mix of intuitive massage and Ayurvedic Therapies.  This means that every massage is different.  A session lasts for 90 minutes and starts with chatting about diet or health issues followed by a treatment.  Where necessary, I follow up with emails and recommendations and can offer herbs/oils/teas and so on for these clients.  The packages are priced at:-

  • £65 per session or
  • 3 sessions @ £195 less 15% discount = £166 (£55.25 per session)
  • 4 sessions @ £260 less 20% discount = £208 (£52 per session)
Packages need to be booked and paid for in advance, but can be spaced out at any interval and don’t expire. 




  Weight Management & Detox Package (3 hours)   £170


  • Personal Diet & Lifestyle Consultation (60 min)
  • Tailor-made Detox, Diet and Lifestyle plan for you to follow
  • Pinda Sveda – Massage with herbal citrus poultice (60 min)
  • Mukhabyanga – Face Massage, Clearing and rejuvenating the face (50 min)
  • Ayurveda Detox Kit** containing De-Tox™ Ayurvedic Herbal Tea, Chyawanprash Tonic, De-Tox 60 Capsules





Eternal Youth Package (3 hours)  £170


  • Personal Diet & Lifestyle Consultation (30 min)
  • Abhyanga – Full body massage (60 min)
  • Mukha Rasayana – Full Traditional Ayurvedic Face-Lift Massage (50min)
  • Rejuvenating Head Massage with Karana Purana (25 min)
  • Eternal Youth Gift Set** containing Eternal Youth Face and Body Lotion




De-Stress Package (3 hours)   £170


  • Personal Consultation (40mins)
  • Mukhabyanga – Soothing Face Massage with Karana Purana (45 min)
  • Shirodhara – Continuous Oil Flow on the Forehead (40 min)
  • Pristhabhyanga –  Back Massage (45min)
  • De-Stress Gift Set** containing De-Stress™ Ayurvedic Herbal Tea and True Serenity Face and Body Wash


Shirodhara – The king of all treatments