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Special offers for April

Spring heralds the start of Detox Season.  It’s a time of letting go and I, for one, am itching to get started with spring cleaning – I have a long list of garden projects I’m eager to tackle and I’m clearing the loft to turn it into a meditation space (photos to follow).

Along with the house and garden projects, I’ve also been doing a few projects on myself.  I’m privileged to know an amazing Therapist who helped me get to the bottom of a deep seated fear that didn’t seem to stem from my Current Life.  Clearing that has made me feel so much lighter and energised!  I’m also detoxing those extra winter pounds (is mulled wine fattening?).

Massage plays an invaluable role during spring as we detox and do a little work on our “issues”.  Nothing is more invigorating!  Whereas Autumn is all about slowing down and Restorative Massage, Spring is for RENEWAL and REJUVENATION.

Why do I need to detox in Spring? Because Spring is the season for hay fever, allergies and colds. Did you know you don’t have to suffer every year? I explain how to recognise the effects of toxins in the system and what to do about it to make the transition into Spring easier here.

 Special Offer for Consultation:  £20 off with the code G4S.  More about consultations here.

Special Offer for Rejuvenative Massage: Marma massage involves firm yet gentle sequential pressure point stimulation to clear any blocked energy along the meridians.  For example, if you are detoxing your liver, it would really help to clear the liver, spleen and gallbladder meridians first so the toxins can flow freely to be eliminated.  Although I’m working with pressure points (Marmas in Sanskrit), this is NOT a deep tissue massage.  Also included is a tailored full body massage, lovely warm heat packs to relax key muscles, an energy stimulating technique on the scalp and ears (or face if required) and finally, refreshing essential oils to stimulate the mind and clear the energy body.

Duration:  80 minutes

Cost:  20% off the regular price of £65

Or book a package of massages and receive up to 20% off




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