Special offers for Autumn / Winter 2018-19

Skin Rejuvenation Facial (80min for £65)

Facial with full body Restorative Massage (120min for £85)

This time of year our skin tends to look dull and i38353526 - smiling man receiving head massage in medical officef we spend a lot of time around central heating (which I do!) then it can be quite dry as well.  Part of my winter maintenance routine is to do by-weekly rejuvenating facials, and this year I’ve decided to share my secrets.  I only use natural plants on my skin as you should never put anything on your skin which you can’t eat, so I use NHR Organic Oils infused with food grade herbs and essential oils to do a facelift massage and I use Tropic’s natural plant products to rejuvenate my skin.  I’ve put all this together for clients who’d like to rejuvenate and indulge their senses with gorgeous fragrances and blissful massage.

A treatment will involve:

  •  mini consultation to tailor the treatment and choose the products we will use
  • a warming shoulder, neck and scalp massage
  • Ayurvedic Facelift massage
  • gentle steaming of the face, followed by cleansing and toning
  • herbal facepack
  • a choice of rejuvenating elixirs

As always, the session is completely intuitive and tailored to your constitution and skin requirements.




Spirit Release and Regression Sessions…

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What exactly is SPIRIT RELEASE? I’m not sure of your background, but I wouldn’t be surprised if at the first mention of spirit release, scenes from The Exorcist come to mind. I remember being frightened at first, worrying about evil spirits and so on. The truth of course, is so different. Thankfully no billowing curtains and screaming.
Sometimes, when someone dies they don’t “go to the light” for whatever reason. Instead they choose to stay on the earth, becoming ‘earthbound’. Because they are cut off from their body which is a source of energy, they begin to feel sluggish and need to find a source of energy. For various reasons they become attracted to a person (or animal sometimes) and attach to their energy field which can be felt by the person in terms of fatigue for example. Other times they may actually enter the body of the person and this may be experienced as feelings of “not quite feeling myself” or unexplained emotions or sometimes the person’s behaviour may change to take on the characteristics of the earthbound’s personality or even an illness – for example if the earthbound died of a heart attack, the person may experience idiopathic heart problems where before they were in perfect health.
More often than not, the person who has picked up an attachment may not be aware of it, other than feeling a bit out of sorts or tired. They may feel angry or sad for no known reason and be puzzled as to where these feelings are coming from.
 When someone dies, they die with their personality and emotions very much intact. Any healing that needs to take place, happens when they ‘go to the light’ and work with their guides to gain a soul perspective (wisdom) about the life they led. If they refuse this opportunity they will remain as they were – angry or disappointed with life or, in my case, I picked up an attachment of a lovely Victorian lady who had died in childbirth. She was so heartbroken at not seeing her son that when she saw me with my children at the beach one lovely afternoon, splashing and laughing in the waves, she became drawn to me and became attached. I wasn’t really aware of her because she was so loving and really happy to be a part of our family as it were, and it was a whole year before I found her and a therapist friend of mine helped her to go to the light by asking her son to come and fetch her. When she laid eyes on him, she couldn’t wait to leave and be with him. And that is how spirit release works.
These poor souls are lost and often very sad or distressed and confused. I treat them with compassion and help them to move on to the next phase of their soul’s journey. I could tell you so many moving stories. But please know that they are ordinary people going through probably the hardest experience they’ve ever faced and they attach to us because (a) they are attracted by something in us that is similar to them and it acts like a hook or (b) because they like our energy and it’s easy to get into our energy field because of our lack of protection. For the most part, they are not malicious and are certainly not evil spirits.
If you would like to know more or would like to have a spirit release session, please let me know. It doesn’t take very long and makes a HUGE difference.

 Special Offer £35 if you would like to be part of my (anonymous) final case study for my Regression DiplomaDuration:  60 – 120 minutes

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