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Current Life Regression / Inner Child Healing / Past Life Regression
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I want to know what sustains you from the inside
when all else falls away.
I want to know if you can be alone with yourself,
and if you like the company you keep in the empty moments.
 ~ Mountain Dreamer, Oriah, Native American Elder
from the book Exploring The Eternal Soul by Andy Tomlinson

Why I became a Regression Therapist
When I lost my beautiful soulmate quite unexpectedly in a car accident in 1995, my life was shattered like a mirror into small shards, and I could not believe that I would have chosen to suffer so cruelly. Why did this happen to me?

I wish I had known then what I know now. It would have saved me so much pain. The natural thing to do with anger and pain is to internalise it – we don’t want to burden those close to us, but in doing so we push these unresolved thoughts and emotions deep into our tissues. Working Ayurvedically with clients over the years, we’ve often traced the origin of a disease or unexplained physical symptoms back to a time when they suffered and had internalised that suffering. Well-meaning friends tell us to “let go” and that “time is a great healer” and if you’ve suffered and heard those phrases, I don’t know how that made you feel, but it used to make me angry. If I could let go, believe me I would have. I couldn’t make sense of my suffering which meant I couldn’t resolve it.

Then, quite by chance, I met someone who introduced me to Regression Therapy and I finally started to heal. By then I had had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (which was healed physically with Ayurvedic Therapy two years previously) but it was through Regression that my shattered world started to knit together and make sense again.

Soul Groups and Soul Contracts
Through Regression I found out about soul groups and the role various people were playing for me in my life to help me with my soul’s evolution (and the role I was playing for them). I found it really helps to understand why someone gets under your skin or why you chose your partner. When you know, for example, that your role is to help them learn about loyalty after a past life in which they were a traitor, it all suddenly makes sense. In my case, it took a few sessions to strip back the layers of pain before I began to get answers about why my soulmate died. I got to look at our soul contract and the role I had asked him to play in my life – one in which I wanted to learn life lessons about loss – and it made me smile to finally know that I DID in fact choose this. This is the key that unlocked my healing. I guess Shakespeare really knew what he was talking about when he said “all the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players”.

Healing Old Wounds and Renegotiating Soul Contracts
One of the most poignant things to witness as a Regression Therapist is when clients begin to heal current life relationships. After viewing a past life, we enter the Spirit Realms where the ‘players’ in that life (who are often together in this life too) can have that heartfelt conversation and say “That’s enough. I’ve learned the lesson. Please can we renegotiate” if that’s what they want to do. A good example is my client whose ex-husband wouldn’t pay maintenance, but after her Regression session she called me to say that without any explanation, he had started paying her a generous maintenance. When she spoke to him about it, he simply said that he felt that he wanted to start supporting her and their two boys. One client’s past life father had been an awful bully and really traumatized her. Even after she had a moving conversation with him in the Spirit Realms, he refused to apologise, saying only that he would make it up to her. In her Regression, she found out that he is her current partner who is the most amazing father to their children. Karma cancelled.

Clearing Karma
When you die, you die with all your thoughts and emotions and carry these through to the “afterlife” with you. Here, without judgement, you review your life with your loving guides and decide what you did well and what you could have done better in that life. A good example is the client who, in his previous life, had died with guilt and shame about being a child slave trader. He wanted to atone, so he reincarnated into this life as a paediatrician which has given him the opportunity to heal so many children. I’m sure when he gets back to the afterlife, he’s going to be patting himself on the back for a job well done.

Body Therapy
Regression is also useful in healing physical body issues, like the client who had decades of unexplained knee pain healed instantly by clearing a subconscious childhood memory she’d stored in her knee. Another client had 15 years of crippling leg pain healed in a couple of sessions when he cleared the energy left behind from traumatic past lives where his leg had been injured. A recent client’s eczema cleared when he went into the past life associated with that body memory. I’ve seen tinnitus, eating disorders, and even infertility healed with Regression.

The Eternal Soul
The past leaves it’s mark on the present. Because the soul is eternal, it doesn’t matter if it was yesterday, 20 years ago or 400 years ago – the soul remembers.

So, if you feel you’re in the wrong family, country or even planet – rest assured that you are exactly where you are meant to be. A Regression can help you find the answers to life’s questions and perhaps be the key that unlocks your healing.



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