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Current Life Regression / Inner Child Healing / Past Life Regression –
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Current Life Regression and Inner Child Healing is used to access and resolve traumatic memories buried deep in the subconscious mind.  Left unresolved they are triggered causing uncomfortable feelings and thoughts, or disproportionate reactions to people or situations – for example PTSD symptoms. Regression is particularly useful where clients don’t want to talk about these painful experiences so we use light hypnosis and go straight to the heart of the trauma in a moment and transform the situation and get resolution and healing with all parties involved in the spirit realms or Higher Mind. Each session is complete in itself and clients express relief and feelings of peace afterwards.

Past Life Regression is used to access memories from our previous incarnations to gain understanding about events and challenges in this life. This is especially true if we notice unexplained or irrational reactions to events or circumstances or we encounter repeating patterns throughout this life. It allows a new perspective to be gained which enables blocks from the past to be released resulting in positive resolution on all levels.  During a past life regression session you may also meet your guides or speak to the wisest part of your soul to gain understanding about:

  • your current life purpose,
  • why certain events have happened in your life,
  • soul group members and understanding the role they play for you in this life,
  • soul contracts and ties
  • and also to release unresolved energy or emotion being held in the body manifesting as pain or illness

This is what I learned from one of my Past Lives:
In 2010 I tried Past Life Regression myself for a pain I’d had in my shoulder since childhood. I always used to describe it like an arrow in my shoulder. And it was! We went back to my life as a Roman Commander and an assassination attempt. I never got over it and the pain followed me ever since. Sometimes with clients I can trace the pain from life to life to life. The reason for this is that PAIN SERVES TO TEACH US SOMETHING and when we listen, the pain disappears. Coming back to my Roman life, the pain was to teach me about what it really means to be strong. In that life I thought that being strong was about being rigid and emotionless, but actually the opposite was true. In Regression I got the insight that true strength is about flexibility and being connected to those around us. And as soon as I made the connection, that pain was gone. Regression helps us to get profound insights about our current lives and offers us opportunities to resolve matters which we struggle with in our lives. I’ve seen many relationships changed, and difficult situations transformed as well as pain and ill-health healed through Regression.

I want to know what sustains you from the inside
when all else falls away.
I want to know if you can be alone with yourself,
and if you like the company you keep in the empty moments.
 ~ Mountain Dreamer, Oriah, Native American Elder
from the book Exploring The Eternal Soul by Andy Tomlinson


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