Shirodhara… Bliss and benefits


What is Shirodhara?  Shirodhara is one of the most divine, tranquil Ayurvedicshirodhara treatment experiences available. Gentle massage of the face and head soothe the nervous system as the oil penetrates the fascia into the nerve endings and soaks into the tissues. This nourishes and rejuvenates. Following the massage, you lie face up whilst a continuous stream of warm oil is poured gently over your forehead. The herbal oil used in Shirodhara, blended specially for your constitution, will steady your thoughts and emotions to induce mental tranquillity and a profound sense of inner peace. 

Acupuncture Head

Marma Points of the head

The science: The oil is poured over the pressure points of the forehead and scalp in a specific way to first clear blocked energy and emotion,  then rejuvenate. There are 28 marma points on the face and head alone. The crown pressure point, Murdhni, is known as the meeting point of a thousand channels and the ultimate opening of kundalini energy which affects the whole body. Another example is Ajna marma (third eye in the centre of the forehead). Clearing and rejuvenating this marma  regulates the pituitary and pineal glands, relieves headaches/migraines, improves concentration and memory, calms the mind and balances emotions, relieves intraocular (eye) pressure and relieves sinus, glaucoma and eye strain. It facilitates deep restful sleep, inner calm, hormonal balance.  That is the benefit of just one pressure point. Imagine therefore, the benefit to the whole body of massaging all 28 marma points. It is easy to see why Shirodhara is called the king of treatments.



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