Indian Head Massage DIY


Tonight I’ve kicked off my 33day detox with an Indian head massage using NEEM oil. There was a knock on the door a moment ago. It was my 8 year old wanting to know what I was doing as it was “stinking the house out”. Well, Neem may not smell pretty but you can’t beat it for glossy, healthy hair.

I also use it on my face as it has excellent anti-wrinkle properties (my secret is out). Every year when I switch the central heating on in October, I  have dry scalp issues which Neem sorts out as it’s also anti-dandruff.  Actually, the Neem tree is known as “the village pharmacy” and Neem can be used externally as well as internally and is safe to use on animals and plants. It’s a very good pesticide (don’t tell Monsanto).

The technique is simple: warm your chosen oil in a jug of hot water and pour about 1-2 tablespoons on your crown and pat it a few times. From there massage your scalp. I have long hair, so I end up using 100ml of oil as I like to oil my hair as well as scalp. Next massage your ears – there are a few pressure points around the ears so use small circles as you circle around during the ear, first anticlockwise followed by clockwise. The face is next, circle round the eyes, temples and jaw line. From the chin, with a hand on either side, slide up past the mouth and nose towards the bridge of the nose. Follow the eyebrows to the outer edge of the eye and back down to the jaw line. Do this a few times.

You could end it with KARANA PURANA (pouring warm oil into the ears). A gorgeous treatment. Tilt your head to one side, dip cotton wool in the warm oil and squeeze it into the ear until it brims.  Continue massaging the ear for a few minutes and then do the other side. The oil will drain out easily leaving get you feeling relaxed yet refreshed.

“The body of one who uses oil massage regularly does not become affected much even if subjected to accidental injuries, or strenuous work. By using oil massage daily, a person is endowed with pleasant touch, trimmed body parts and becomes strong, charming and least affected by old age”. Charaka Samhita Vol. 1, 89

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