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Karana Purana (filling the ears with oil)

Until 1 August 2017 book any massage and receive Karana Purana for free.  You’ll be glad you tried it! Video: Afrodyte Spa Why would I want to fill my ears with oil? Well firstly, it promotes immediate feelings of peace and calm. If you’ve had a bad day or have trouble sleeping, it’s lovely to…… Continue reading Karana Purana (filling the ears with oil)

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Indian Head Massage DIY

Every year when I switch the central heating on in October, I have dry scalp issues which Neem sorts out as it’s also anti-dandruff. Actually, the Neem tree is known as “the village pharmacy” and Neem can be used externally as well as internally and is safe to use on animals and plants. It’s a very good pesticide (don’t tell Monsanto).

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This is where the magic happens

I recently decided to base myself at Equilibrium Natural Health Centre in the semi-rural village of Corsham. It turned out to be a very smart move on my part as I’ve gone from being the struggling lonely therapist working from home, to being surrounded by a gorgeous community of therapists offering therapies I hadn’t even heard of. (I’m…… Continue reading This is where the magic happens

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Ayurvedic Massage – good for the body and soul

In Ayurvedic massage, applying soothing warm oils infused with herbs and balancing essential oils is the ultimate form self-love. The ancient Sanskrit word for this is Snehana which means “to apply love”.  The benefit of massage has long been known to be healing for the body, mind and spirit. A massage in the morning, however…… Continue reading Ayurvedic Massage – good for the body and soul