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Restorative Massage

I’ve been working hard this year burning the candle at both ends, and it wasn’t until I took a weekend break at the Spa that I realized just how tired I was. Spas are great, but can often be airless (why are the treatment rooms always windowless?),  and a bit formulaic and I have to confess that I’m not a fan of Spa products as I don’t like putting anything on my skin that I can’t eat. So I began to fantasise…

What would my perfect massage involve…

  • Nurturing.  Ayurveda teaches that a therapist should not touch a client without love for the client.
  • A personalised massage experienceThe massage should match my needs, mood and be suited to my body type. I’d appreciate a few thoughtful extras like bolsters, heated towels and the lighting to be dimmed. I’d also like my feet to be cleaned before being massaged, especially in the summer when they are hot. And it would be nice for them to be warmed in the winter when my toes feel like icicles.
  • Warm oils The oils should be of the best quality as they have medicinal purposes, especially when infused with herbs, and in fact, massage is actually another way of taking herbs. The oils should be warm so that they can penetrate the joints, making them supple and lubricated.  The oil should also be natural and organic to nourish and rejuvenate the skin which is the body’s largest organ.
  • Smell is the only sense with a direct link to the limbic or emotional centre of the brain. This gives aromas the power to evoke vivid impressions, conjure up memories and trigger emotions. It is a powerful tool for healing and restoration. I love having the opportunity to choose the oil I would like for my massage.
  • Skilful Massage.  You know that saying of “someone rubbing you up the wrong 9102317 - beautiful woman relaxing in a massage salonway”?  I’ve had massages like that and it’s an uncomfortable experience. Massage strokes should  follow the flow of energy channels and nerve pathways.  When energy channels are congested, we feel tired and sluggish.  We may experience pain, stiffness or tenderness, so regular massage can facilitate the flow of Prana (or Qi), leaving us feeling clear and energized. And don’t you just love therapists who sense when areas need a little extra love and attention?
  • Music activates the right side of the brain which nurtures creativity, intuition, receptivity, softness, stillness, silence, dreams, relaxation, imagination and regeneration, so it should be chosen with care.
  • Rest I’d like a few minutes after my massage to relax and daydream instead of jumping off the couch whilst I’m still woozy and not quite back in my body.

This has inspired me to put all these elements together in a Restorative Massage package at £50 for 50 minutes.  Need more than one? Book 3 together and receive 10% off. You can space them as close together or far apart as you wish because they don’t expire.




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