Soul Food Workshop – nourishing more than just your body

26 September 2021 at 10am, Shaw, Melksham SN12 8EF

During the course of the morning, we will explore various ways to nourish the body, mind and soul and we will also touch on various therapies which help to clear out the old energies we’ve possibly been sitting with so that we are able to bring in what really nourishes us. If you wish that you could just RESET, and are wanting to draw a line under what has gone before (e.g. bad eating habits, toxic relationships, traumatic events, feeling stuck), then this workshop is for you. This will be quite an interactive workshop (it is not a “talk”) and we will also be sampling various foods and drinks and learning how to make “tonics” which give you a boost; cook comfort foods that heal as well as comfort; how to balance between “healthy and naughty” foods so that we’re not constantly penduluming back and forth. The morning will flow something like this:

DISCOVERING YOUR BODY TYPE (known as Dosha in Ayurveda)

Completing a dosha questionnaire which will help to determine your body type. Armed with this knowledge you can begin to balance your body and your lifestyle to align with your soul (since it was your soul that picked the body you’re in).

We can touch on soul purpose if anyone is interested in this topic.


A simple introduction to the science of nourishing your body, healing, comfort eating, and the joy of having a day off… and we talk about ANTIDOTES (e.g. how to counteract the mucus-producing effects of dairy, or how to make certain foods more easily digestible so that we don’t experience weight gain or bloating etc, or when drinking alcohol, what to do to balance the effects).


Daily routines which make sense and bring peace – now you can tailor them to suit your body type.

DETOXtoxins and repressed emotion. This is about disease prevention and how to release emotions that have been trapped in the body/mind because all physical symptoms begin with events and emotions which we haven’t been able to process. We will also touch on energy… How to keep our energy strong and clear and also how to deal with other people’s toxic/draining energy when we encounter it. We may also talk about our spaces and how to clear then energetically so they feel brighter and more nurturing.

SOULFOOD RECIPES the whole family will enjoy. I will share some of our family’s favourites recipes and we will end the morning by sampling them.


As part of this workshop, I am offering all attendees a 45 minute revitalising massage for only £35. Ayurveda equates massage to the application of love, the Ayurvedic word for oil Sneha being the same as love.


Venue: Simply Space Yoga Rooms, Church Farm, Bath Road, Shaw, Melksham SN12 8EF

Date: 26 September 2021

Time: 10am – 1pm

Cost: £35

Contact: or call Elizabeth on 07879 447631 to book your place..

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